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Name: Jack
Username: HandsomeJack21
DOB: 7/23/1976

I'm a business professional by day and a party animal by night. When I get out of the office I like to hit the town in my Shelby GT, grab a few friends, and relax over drinks.


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The Wine Hunt

By HandsomeJack21 | 5 April 2013 | 45 Share
Rating: ★★★★★ | Located: Anywhere| Cost: $40
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There's nothing quite like a night on the town with your friends and your favorite drink. So, why not live it up a bit tonight? Grab your friends, hit the town, and find out who makes your drink better than the rest. Pick some of the upscale bars, your favorite hangouts, and even a few holes in the wall on your quest for the perfect drink.