Awesome Sauce Pizzaria

Home of the Famous Sven & Svine Pie!

Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

Absolutely the Best Pizza Anywhere! Just ask our moms.

How do we make our pizza so awesome? It's in the sauce! Lots of sugar to get you addicted. Seriously, how much sugar is legal? I think we even put some in our crust and cheese for that matter. Well, at the very least, it's gauranteed to make your two your old scream and go crazy for hours after. Don't worry though, it's a family restraunt. No one will be able to tell the difference; except for our poor servers. So, please tip them well.

Obligatory image of pizza to make the site look more complete. Seriously, why are you reading this?


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Gift Cards

Did you know, most stores expect to earn at lesat 133% on every gift card sold? It's sort of like a scam really. You're always going to try to finish out the gift card so you don't waste money.


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