Awesome Sauce Pizzaria

Home of the Famous Sven & Svine Pie!

Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

General Information

Opened in 2014, Awesome Sauce Pizzaria is a casual fine dining experience meant for the whole family. We serve fully family meals at a low price. Our food is sourced from quality ingredients that are chocked full of fantastic GMOs. That's right, GMOs. Fresh, far from organic, and straight from the lab to your plate. I mean, what did you expect for our prices?


Staff Photo...How are they all named John? And why are there only two of them?

We pride ourselves on our professional staff and awesome customer service. We've never let a customer go unsatisfied or hungry. We haven't had a customer yet either. So, buckle up.


We have several owners, because pizza this awesome can't be done alone.

Our Staff

OK, I admit, we were too cheap to hire extra help.