The Farmer's Market was established at some point in time. I realy don't know the history of farmer's markets nor do I frequent them all too often. I do know they happen regularly, but my schedule never lines up to attend. I like produce though and I was very hungry. So, I created this site when trying to decide what I wanted for dinner. Notice the same theme with Awesome Sauce Pizza? That's the secret...I make food sights when I get home and don't know what to make for dinner. Also, I'm just using this text to fill the page because it needs content and I feel tacky using Lorem Ipsum. I use it too often as it is for design work. Design work where I constantly have people approaching me asking what Lorem Ipsum is and why I would use it. They love the design, but can't understand why I would use Latin to showcase a project. #designerProblems


Are Your Produce Fresh?
Absolutely! So fresh, that they've moved in with their aunti and uncle in Belair.

Why are your prices so outrageous?
This is news to us. We grow locally and sell locally. It saves on the shipping. Our rates are better than your local grocery store.

What is your favorite item you sell?
Christmas trees! They are much easier to sell than our Fresh Spruce trees. Ever tried getting rid of those on a holiday?

What is your growing season?
Why would you even ask that? We're not google. Go grab a farmer's almanac or something.

Why so many fake filler posts?
Because...That's why.