The Farmer's Market Promise

All of our produce are locally grown and hand picked straight from our fields.

The Farmer's Market Philosophy

We believe in real people and real produce. They do exist. Just not here. Seriously, if you were looking for a real site, go elsewhere, this one is for a class project. I always put this warning in somewhere upfront when it looks like I'm actually selling a product because I have been emailed by people dissapointed in how my website was functioning because they couldn't use it. In retrospect, cool, but not here.

Live Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Picture | Artistic view with only branches.

Live Christmas trees are coming soon!
Fill your house with the scent of fresh pine needles and strung popcorn and cranberries this holiday season. Don't forget to pick up our holiday pickle for the famous Amsih tradition either. If you buy a tree, we'll hide one for you. Come in today and don't risk missing your chance at the perfect tree. See our Catalog for more information